Hosted E-logistics Platform (HeLP™)
Delivery of our lead logistics management services are supported by our customized and award-winning proprietary system, Hosted E-Logistics Platform (HeLP™). HeLP is a software solution designed to enable seamless integration of lead logistic services into your existing business processes, from order management right up to distribution.

Integrated platform for greater visibility
It effectively links logistics service providers at each point of the supply chain on an integrated platform enabling them to sync data in areas such as shipment delivery services, movement visibility and inventory management – ultimately giving you complete visibility at every step of your supply chain.

One platform for better cost savings
By integrating all partners in the supply chain on a single technology platform, you can optimize the distribution network and reduce the cost of deployment and management at each part of the supply chain process.

Control and flexibility at the same time
The solution automates important warehousing processes, giving you stronger control of your procurement, warehousing and distribution activities, while providing you with the flexibility to manage with real-time information on one platform.

Integration with GPS tracking system
Integrated with HeLP is a state-of-the-art GPS tracking system that enables you to have full visibility on the location and status of your cargo in real-time. The GPS black box installed in all our trucks periodically reports back to the system at predetermined intervals and trigger alerts when there are anomalies.

In summary, HeLP acts a technology enabler in your supply chain process to help you reduce cost, increase efficiency and enhance customer services via a single point of contact.


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