In business, prompt and efficient delivery of goods is critical. Your competitive differentiation can come from shorter transit times, lower delivery costs, and order traceability in your supply chain process. At SnT Global, our job is to make sure your goods arrive securely and on time.

SnT Global manages a fleet of vehicles in Malaysia and Singapore, which includes trucks, vans, prime movers and containers. We serve a well-established distribution network within Malaysia as well as Singapore.

Last mile



Our in house made tracker called “eTrax” can be used by our customers to seek for the wherabout of their shipment by just entering the order number which solidifies our last mile service. This tool allows :


  • Tracking in near real time without logging in
  • Get an update in one click on the homepage
  • See all your shipments on one clear interface


Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO) Network

Our partnership with Collectco, Easy Returns, Click & Collect also allows us to have an extensive and a growing list of pick up and drop off locations.








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