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A single point of contact for your omnichannel fulfillment services. SnT Global has the capabilities to deliver integrated logistic services that incorporate overall logistics distribution and supply chain execution such as order fulfilment, transportation and warehousing to our clients.

Our omnichannel fulfilment services extend beyond physical delivery of products or warehousing-related functions. We have the technology that enhances supply chain services with performance metrics tied to strategic business and customer’s satisfaction. Our clients will have the benefit of reduced inventory, lower transportation costs, tighter delivery schedules, less damage to products transported, thus enhancing business value resulting in improved shareholder value.

This was made possible by our award-winning Hosted e-Logistics Platform (HeLP™) that acts as a technology enabler to seamlessly integrate warehousing and delivery services to your existing business processes, to help you achieve a new level of supply chain efficiency.

Our end-to-end services across eCommerce value chain via multi-channel integration

We understand that as modern commerce evolves into the ‘New Retail’ concept, where retailers increasingly engage with customers across a blend of various offline and digital channels, new challenges and dynamics arise in managing what was previously separated digital and offline spaces.

Amidst this new landscape, we help our clients to provide a holistic shopping experience to their consumers and integrate their different customer relationships throughout all channels. Through integration with major eCommerce marketplace platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and Shopify, we provide our clients with direct marketplace onboarding, digital marketing services and brand management expertise which allows them to seamlessly translate their brand into the eCommerce landscape.

Our systems handle all core processes involving orders and inventory transactions across multiple channels through a single warehouse management system (WMS) platform. Through our software infrastructure and services, we take the next step in digitalising our client’s entire retail value chain for both their benefit and the consumers.

Our comprehensive range of omnichannel fulfilment management services:
  • Providing on-boarding services to popular marketplaces (Shoppe, Lazada) and social networks
  • Logistics systems providing seamless B2B & B2C fulfillment solutions (ie. inter-store transfers)
  • Able to handle smaller parcel sizes and customer returns
  • Provide E2E product tracking including last mile delivery
  • Value added services such as tagging, labelling, kitting, quality control and packing
  • >1,000 collection / drop off centers across MY/SG providing in-store pickups and easy returns
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