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SnT for Startups: COHUB

Over the years, SnT has continually received fulfillment requests from smaller brands for order fulfillment. The idea transpired into COHUB, introduced in 2021 as SnT’s initiative to to solve order fulfillment and assure best in class logistics for highly capable startups.

Are you a startup

looking to outsource order fulfillment?

At COHUB, you gain an edge in the marketplace with a state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment center that does the work FOR you.

Enjoy peace of mind when you partner with COHUB

Startups are continually held back by nitty gritty details of their business which can be easily resolved with a seasoned logistics provider.

Scale up without worry
Spend zero time in logistics
Manpower for peak seasons
Trusted logistics consultant
Expand to new regions
Without COHUB
Constantly worry
Spend most your time on logistics
Shortage on manpower
Face challenges alone
Struggle with expansion

With COHUB, you have partners you can trust

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What makes COHUB Malaysia’s #1 option for startups?

Packaging design

Customised packaging that tailors to your brand’s idea of customer experience.

24-hour visibility

Full visibility on inventory from the comfort of your own home. 


8 locations near your customers to provide fast shipping like same-day delivery.

Multichannel integration

Multichannel integration with Shopee, Lazada, and more e-marketplaces.

Returns management

Easy returns through COHUB’s partnership with CollectCo to strengthen customer loyalty.

Dedication to service

Service is the most important aspect of fulfillment which COHUB prioritises in the partnership.

As a business owner, order fulfillment should be

the least of your concerns.

Leave the details to COHUB and grow your business.

Seamless fulfillment with a scalable partner.

How they do it:

Send COHUB your inventory

Their advanced security warehouse keeps your products safe and organised.

COHUB picks and packs

Once an order comes in via your e-marketplaces (e.g. Shopee), they pick and pack.

COHUB ships to your customers

Their courier partners ensure your products reach customers on time and meet SLAs. 

COHUB handles returns

Through economic return services with CollectCo, COHUB builds customers’ confidence in your brand. 


Easy, Guided Onboarding

COHUB’s 5-step onboarding program is designed to help you easily catch on to the fulfillment partnership.

Scalable partner

Scalable, Supportive Partner

Our technology and facilities are scalable as you grow and expand your business either locally or internationally.

End-to-End Visibility

With full end-to-end visibility, sit back and relax while we worry about the details to make sure your products get shipped on time.

Let COHUB worry about your growth pains. Just sell…

and grow without limits.

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