In this high demand, fast-paced industry of eCommerce, customers expect the best service from eCommerce fulfillment service providers.

Nowadays, more logistics brands are stepping up to provide one-stop eCommerce fulfillment services to merchants.

Naturally, eCommerce fulfillment service providers should carry strong knowledge handling products and securing stocks with proper equipment in their facilities.

Accompanying that, they should have systems like Order Management and Warehouse Management systems to perform the service accurately.

Fulfillment service providers are the experts you want to partner with to meet your eCommerce fulfillment needs.

How Does an Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Provider Work?

What is the relationship between an eCommerce business and an eCommerce fulfillment service provider?

Fulfillment service providers exist to take away the hassle of logistics and operations so you can focus on growing your business.

Basically, they represent the end-to-end logistics department of your business.

For example, at SnT, we dedicate an account manager to each of our clients to accommodate spontaneous requests or customer complaints. Besides that, our clients have direct access to our iWeb dashboard to track customers’ order statutes. In most cases, a fulfillment provider will have set KPIs to achieve. Our clients get KPI reports from us every month to report on what’s been done and what can be implemented the next month. 

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4 Signs of a Professional Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Provider

As a merchant, you need to evaluate your eCommerce goals.

Watch out for these 4 signs of a trustworthy eCommerce fulfillment service provider!

1. Expertise and Track Record

SnT has a running track record of 17+ years fulfilling B2B and B2C for small brand owners to MNCs.

Ecommerce order accuracy, real-time order statuses, and order tracking are trademarks of excellent inventory management.

A trustworthy eCommerce fulfillment service provider should have real-time software and systems to track products throughout the fulfillment process.

2. Cutting-Edge eFulfillment Technology

Does your fulfillment service provider implement cutting-edge technology in their warehouse operating systems?

The nature of eFulfillment is ever-changing and continues to evolve over time. A tech-empowered operating warehouse can easily adapt to changing needs in this business industry. Therefore, reliable high-tech warehouse centers should offer merchants premium support with 24-hour security, CCTV, alarm systems, security canines and security personnel.

3. Flexibility and Customisation

Is your fulfillment service provider familiar with handling different types of goods?

An eCommerce fulfillment partner’s versatility determines their ability to handle goods whether they are textiles, ambient or non-ambient, electronic equipment or requiring special attention.

The fulfillment center should also provide flexible service options that fit your brand strategy. For example, you can choose from multiple service levels favourable to your budget for optimum customer experience.

4. Grade-A Infrastructure

How does your fulfillment service provider setup their infrastructure?

A fulfillment center should have high grade racks with a strong structure and setup that adheres to best practices. It should be powered by technology and machineries that help to improve productivity, and equipment that help with ground level operations.

Besides that, a professional fulfillment center also should have a secure warehouse with 24/7 surveillance via CCTV and security presence. This helps to keep your goods secure and in good condition.

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How SnT Applies Their Experience and Technology?

SnT Global Logistics is a Best In Class Omnichannel Fulfillment Partner in Southeast Asia that offers order fulfillment services for both online and offline retail businesses. 

WIth over 17 years of track record and expertise, SnT has been the preferred choice for international brands.

Our order fulfillment services are enabled by state-of-the-art technologies to meet the fast-changing requirements of the New Retail revolution. We offer fully integrated logistics services such as warehousing, order fulfillment with multi-channel integration, cross-border management, and customer service helpdesk. 

We benefit brands from various industries like Retail, FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Fashion and Apparel, Skin Care, Cosmetics and more.

SnT iWeb system integrates with
Ecommerce fulfillment services at SnT Global Logistics
…as well as custom APIs requested by our clients.

Moreover, our in-house system, SnT eFulfillment Platform (eFP), that was completed by our Founder David Wong, was used by other fulfillment service providers even before SnT was founded.

In conclusion, SnT’s prime warehouse infrastructure, versatility in handling goods, and outstanding portfolio in order fulfillment, make a strong asset for business owners.

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