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What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfilment is defined as the process of receiving, picking and packing, and delivering orders to customers.  This may sound simple, but order fulfillment is more than just customers receiving orders.

Order Fulfillment can significantly impact customer experience with the right partner in place. With SnT Global Logistics, you can achieve exactly that.

Order Fulfillment Services

Here are the services we offer in our Order Fulfillment process.

This is perfect for e-commerce or B2B companies with many SKUs and high volume orders.


We store your products in a secured warehouse with 24 hours CCTV and backup systems for operational continuity.

Last Mile Delivery Management

From tracking to claims, we are able to manage deliveries for you through our special partnerships with last mile delivery providers.

Pick and Pack

When we receive an order, we pick the items and pack them securely to ensure they can be delivered in good condition.

Returns and Reverse Management

Give your customers the confidence to buy through our economical returns and reverse management service.

How can order fulfillment help your business?

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Why choose us?

Choosing a 3PL is a major decision that will influence your brand for future growth. Here are the reasons why SnT Global Logistics is the right partner for you.


Great unboxing experience starts with unique packaging design that aligns with your brand. We customise packaging to your needs.


Monitor your inventory and order fulfillment statuses, all in a single dashboard at the comfort of your home.


As your fulfillment partner, we play a role in your growth. We assign a dedicated expert as your logistics partner.


Leverage on our warehouses nationwide to be closer to your customers. Enable 1-day, same day, or on-demand delivery.


Our relentless dedication to service levels gives you consistency in your operations so that you can scale with nothing holding you back.


Flexibility is key. We tailor processes and services according to your brand needs for strategic advantage.

Order Fulfillment Center

Multiple Warehouse Locations

Be near your customers

Offer next day, same day, or instant pick up to your customers from over 8 warehouse locations nationwide.

Reduce delivery costs

Save delivery cost for economical expansion to other regions. For example, East Malaysia or Singapore.

Ready to scale your business hassle-free?

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Audio Equipment Order Fulfilment
World Class Order Fulfillment Services

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Order Fulfillment for Multi-brand Retailer

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Customised Processes for Pharmaceuticals

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Cross Border Order Fulfilment
Cross Border Fulfillment Services

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