Hosted E-logistics Platform (HeLP™)

Our success as an omnichannel fulfilment service provider has been backed up by our award-winning customized proprietary system, Hosted E-Logistics Platform (HeLP™).

HeLP is a software solution designed to enable seamless integration of lead logistic services into your existing business processes, from order management right up to distribution. The goal of HeLP is to act as a technology enabler in your supply chain process to reduce cost, increase efficiency and enhance customer services via a single point of contact.

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An integrated platform for greater visibility

Syncing of data across the supply chain to give an ultimate visibility of every step in the supply chain.

One platform for better cost savings

Integration of all partners on to a single platform to optimizse the distribution network and reduce the cost of deployment.

Control and flexibility

Automation of important warehousing processes while providing flexiblity in managing information.

Integration with GPS tracking system

GPS tracking system integration to give full visibility on the location and status of your cargo in real time.


eHUB represents our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) that guides our supply chain fulfillment operations through effective management of warehouse operations.

eHUB enables the systematic optimisation for inbound receipts, put-away, order fulfilment and inventory management, which ensures the timeliness and accuracy of our operations. The proprietary nature and modularity of our system allows us to seamlessly tailor our processes to the B2B and B2C supply chain needs of our clients and provide a true one stop logistic solution.


eTRAX provides real-time visibility into our delivery fulfillment processes through an online interface for clients to manage and review delivery orders.

Clients are able to track their orders through eTRAX, which provides accurate live updates and an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) after completion of the delivery.Through the use of barcode scanning, eTRAX generates time stamps at each key stage of the fulfilment process which is stored in the delivery records for review. Additionally, the system is deeply integrated with the systems of multiple major third-party courier partners, therefore updates in their delivery process is updated in eTRAX.


eDASH provides clients with convenient access to a strategic overview of our operational performance.

Through a series of electronic dashboards,clients are able to easily review important highlighted statistics at a glance or are able to interact with the system for a deeper perspective. Additionally, eDASH is highly customisable and can be readily adjusted according to customer preferences. A key highlight of the system is its integration with eHUB and eTRAX allows eDASH to process real-time operational data and provide live updates on progress towards client set KPIs.

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eCARE represents the next step in our promise in delivering excellent customer service and support towards our clients.

Through eCARE we provide our clients with a clear outlet to present their issues and request for support through a ticketing system. The system immediately notifies the relevant parties to promptly handle the issue, and provides customers with clear updates on the resolution progress of their issue. eCARE’s storage records and data associated with each submitted issue, which provides us with the analytic capability to review steps to prevent further repeats of the submitted issues, in addition to objectively measure our customer service performance for future improvement.


With the emergence of more New Retail businesses that operate on both online and offline, there has been a spike on demand for omnichannel fulfillment to B2B and B2C business models.

iWeb is our very own system infrastructure that helps us manage all the orders from both B2B and B2C channels via a single Warehouse Management System (WMS) platform. Our WMS is able to integrate with prominent marketplaces and platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Shopify and many more. Orders received and inventory level can be tracked on a real time basis to ensure we can carry out our fulfillment process seamlessly. In short, our iWeb system handles all core processes for our clients that involve order processing and inventory level management.

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1. B2C + B2B

Process B2B and B2C orders from same platform.

2. Customer On-boarding

Facilitates easy customer on-boarding through specific UI flows.

3. Order Management

Picking, packing, shipping label printing and dispatch.

4. Inventory Management

Manage inventory across warehouses for B2B and B2C customers.

5. In-bound

Easy and app-enabled inbounding, counting and put away flows.

6. Order Processing

Easy and app-enabled inbounding, counting and put away flows.

7. Dispatch

Directly dispatch parcels and shipments to local and internal carriers.

8. Billing Report

Monthly and on-demand export of billing events information.

9. Mobile Apps

Seceral mobile applications such as QC, inbound, picking, packing, dispatch, stock take to facilitate warehouse ops.

10. Dashboards

Operations and management dashboards showing issues, bottlenecks and delays in operations as well as trends.