Take charge of your logistics.

SnT Global Logistics is a best-in-class omnichannel fulfillment partner that provides order fulfillment for hundreds of online and offline retail businesses in Southeast Asia.

Our fulfillment centers are enabled by state-of-the-art technologies to meet the fast-changing requirements of the New Retail revolution.

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Grow alongside 100+ other prolific brands that have partnered with SnT to empower their order fulfillment.Read other customers’ stories here.

Scale your business with SnT.

Scaling Up Partner

Our technologies and resources are fine-tuned to help our clients deliver knockout experiences for customers. Scale your business with SnT’s strengths that will enable you to:

Integrate all your sales channels into a single platform.

Sell anywhere, fulfill everywhere.

Win back time to grow your business.

Conquer new regions around the globe with our cross-border fulfillment expertise.


SnT is a best-in-class omnichannel fulfillment partner for brands across Southeast Asia

Two-decade professional experience

SnT is trusted and recognised as one of Southeast Asia’s premier omnichannel fulfillment centers that never fails to fulfill SLAs set by clients. We help merchants who want to scale with speed and provide best experiences for customers.

Experienced experts with decades of eCommerce logistics experience.

Time-tested state-of-the-art technologies and warehouse management system.

B2B + B2C omnichannel capabilities

SnT fulfills orders for B2B or B2C whether our clients fulfilling orders to customers or to other businesses.

Connect seamlessly with wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

Have full visibility of inventory throughout distribution.

Prevent understock and overstock.

Ship in bulk or in small volumes.

Ship to brick-and-mortar stores at any location.

Ship directly to end customers.

Fulfillment network

With an army of global partners assisting in various touchpoints of the supply chain, we help connect you with the right people and tools to ensure seamless order fulfillment experiences.

Experienced experts with decades of eCommerce logistics experience.

Strong relationships with courier partners for more delivery options.

Cross-border expansion to Southeast Asia with our offices in Malaysia and Singapore and partners across SEA.

Partnership with e-Commerce enablers to help you grow and scale your online presence.

Warehousing, storage space, omnichannel fulfillment center, ecommerce fulfillment services

Fulfillment accuracy

SnT’s in-house hosted iWeb system is the fundamental block to all your fulfillment needs. With iWeb our clients can view, track, and manage your inventory and orders through a single dashboard. Anywhere you are, iWeb allows you to have that freedom with all-around support from a dedicated account manager and a strong IT team.

User-friendly tools and navigation so you can take charge of your inventory.

Dashboards and analytical reports to better manage your supply chain.

Dedicated account manager and strong IT support to assist you in leveraging the tools you need to make predictions, forecast and generate sales for your stores.

Customisation + flexibility

Create memorable unboxing experiences for your customers so they never forget you.

Mesmerise your customers with SnTs flexibility to:

Add personalised gifts.

Create virtual bundling or GWP.

Add customised insertions.

Personalise kitting and packaging.

Storage and fulfilment

Multiple fulfillment centers

WIth 10 fulfillment centers and warehouses across Malaysia and Singapore and partners in the rest of Southeast Asia, get exclusive access to any of our fully tech-powered facilities to house your goods based on your customers’ locations and shipping needs.

10 fulfillment centers across Southeast Asia.

Leverage global network all the way from China to the western hemisphere.

24/7 security-backed facilities with CCTV and security personnel.

Warehouse Management System (WMS).


Our system enables you to integrate, track, manage, and forecast orders - all in one go


SnT supports your entire order process - so you can grow

Reduces fulfillment error

“SnT has a very helpful fulfilment team ready to listen to customers' needs and always finding ways to improve. SnT reduces fulfilment error rate from inbound, pick and pack, and outbound. I can grow my company without worrying and spending a lot of time on logistics and go online without major hiccups."

Patrick James

Head of Operations

Responsive and flexible

“SnT is a responsible, responsive and flexible partner that is very easy to recommend to anyone looking for a 3PL. They are very accommodating when it comes to handling last minute spontaneous requests. We can request SnT to prepare large orders to be picked up by my distributors from the warehouse.”

Medical/Health Brand

Help me grow my company

“SnT handles our delivery of containers from Malaysia to Singapore and has good service. They enable me to grow my company without worrying and spending a lot of time on logistics. There is a dedicated account manager too, which makes it easy to solve problems.”

Alex Luk

Managing Director

We get your orders to your customers while you scale