How Can Packaging Improve Customer Experience?

The importance of customer experience has been rehashed ad-nauseam, so we won’t talk about it too much here. What we will talk about today is how packaging can improve customer experience. We don’t think we are shattering new ground here by pointing out that customers generally appreciate receiving the products they have ordered in a nice package. 

Don’t forget that packaging industry studies have reported that the average customer forms a first impression of your package/box within 100 milliseconds! Nailing that first impression is key to an enjoyable customer experience. 

In this post, we’d like to dive into HOW exactly packaging can improve customer experience at every step of the customer journey.


Some businesses don’t realize that the customer journey doesn’t end with a sale. The sale is merely a precursor to the advocacy stage, where you really have the chance to turbocharge your sales. Think about how much more effective your messaging can be if your customers start recommending them to their network.

You can easily get your customers to advocate for your product by giving them a stellar customer experience. An easy way you can do this is by leveling up the personalization in your packaging game. From wrapping your product in tissue paper to including customized thank-you notes, there are various inexpensive and personal methods to make your customers feel special and valued enough to be an ambassador of your brand.

personalization packaging

A quality and personalized package can also help you to tap into the unboxing videos that are all the rage right now. This is where influencers or KOLs film themselves unwrapping whatever products in front of their online subscribers. This influential marketing can be a real driving force for potential buyers as it provides them clarity about the nature and experience of the product before they make a purchasing decision. The benchmark you should then set for yourself is: is your packaging something you can be proud of if it goes viral?


A customer is more likely to have a better experience with their purchase if they feel that the brand is aligned with their values.

Forget customer experience, how well a brand communicates their values can be the difference between whether or not a sale is made. A person might be willing to pay more for a product that is aligned with their values, which oftentimes they will infer straight from the packaging of the product itself. 

For example: an eco-conscious brand can score a lot of brownie points with their customers if they use eco-friendly packaging for their product. Starbucks is another example. They are famous for their “ethically sourced” beans, which is highlighted rather prominently on all their products.

Safe Delivery

You can have the best product in the world but it won’t mean anything if it doesn’t get into the hands of your customer in one piece.

One way to improve customer experience is to ensure that your product is safely packaged, so that it remains unscathed during the shipment down the supply chain all the way until it reaches the hands of the consumer. Specifically, your products should be able to withstand the rigors of delivery, be it via extra bubble wrap or a unique way of packaging.

improve customer experience by packaging with bubble wrap

While companies are already packaging their products with seals and locks that prevent tampering to further ensure safety and integrity, they can do more to guarantee their customers are getting their products in perfect condition.

To do so,  they can partner with a good 3PL company that provides value-add services such as quality product packaging and delivery. Ideally, the company should also be familiar with the local geography and terrain so they can tailor their delivery based on the specific conditions. 

Ready to Up Your Packaging Game?

Now that we have covered just how important packaging is for a good customer experience, let’s take a look at how SnT Global can help you nail down your packaging.

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