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In this high demand and fast-paced industry of eCommerce business, eCommerce fulfillment providers are required to customize their services in order to provide the best and correct form of efulfillment services to customers. Nowadays, logistics company will provide one-stop eCommerce fulfillment services.

The eCommerce logistics providers should have the knowledge on how to handle products and secure stocks with proper equipment inside their facilities. They will have a system such as a barcode to track the product, where it stores, when it will be shipped out, whether the product will be transported and what not. In other words, they are the experts you will want to work with in handling your eCommerce needs as well as being the crucial element that can determine your eCommerce success.

How SnT Global Logistics’ Experience & Technology Application Helps?

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In terms of experience, we are one of the earliest Malaysian logistics firms that provides eCommerce services. Our contribution to the field is evident in our recent government grant award from MIDA in 2017, to encourage eCommerce development in Malaysia. Plus, SnT was the first recipient of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) e-fulfillment grant. See all of our award & recognition here.

In terms of technology, the systems that run our warehouse and logistics operations to their highest capabilities are magnificently advanced. An in-house developed system “SnT eFulfillment Platform” (eFP) that was completed by our CEO David Wong for other logistics providers prior to the founding of SnT is statistically and performance proven with stellar track reocrd. SnTeFP encompasses a number of systems which highly relied upon in daily operations such as:

  • Electronic Warehouse Management System (eHUB)
  • Supply Chain Visibility System (eTrax)
  • Analytics – Dashboard Display (eDash)
  • Trade Compliance & Custom Documentation System (eTC)
  • Customer Relationship and Service System (eCare)
  • eCommerce Channel Integrations

[Robotics and automated systems are currently under development to catch up for the market demand especially to further streamline our operations]

How Does a Fulfillment Service Provider Work?

The merchants will be paying for the storage space and its facilities according to the product’s conditions and needs. For example, some products are to be kept in storage, some products are fragile. Ecommerce logistic providers that possess the modern technology can compute the storage needs precisely, arrange it to be stored, sent and to be taken by other merchants’ efficiently.

All the eCommerce products are being sent in bulk and stored in the warehouse before proceeding to the shipment. The eCommerce fulfillment providers provide proper packaging based on product requirements. This depends on the product itself, on their size, weight, whether they are in a liquid form, fragile and so on.

Lastly, it will be the shipment of parcels to customers. The merchants do not stick to only one courier option, instead there are various logistic partners to opt from. All the products are to be well packed on time and to be picked up by designated courier services to send locally. If to be sent cross border, custom documents must be prepared as well to declare the contents of the products.

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How to choose Best eCommerce Fulfillment Services among the options

The criteria below are the essentials when eCommerce merchants are choosing for the best fulfillment service. Merchants also need to take a step back and evaluate their own eCommerce goals, for this will ease the choosing process of the best eCommerce fulfillment service that fits aforementioned goals.

1. Centrality of Locations

Knowing the exact warehouse locations of the chosen fulfillment service provider is necessary to determine the shipping cost and the delivery timeliness. Fulfillment warehouses that are located at major highways, air and sea terminals with a high flexibility multimodal should be a serious merchant’s choice. As it is well-known, the end customer’s satisfaction is crucial and the expectation for the fast-shipping deliveries are high. To put it simply, the closer the warehouses’ location to the merchant’s customers’, the better.

2. Cutting-edge eFulfillment Technology

A fulfillment service provider that implements cutting-edge technology in their warehouse operating systems should be the first choice. As an online retailer, there will be specific requirements that need to be met from the fulfillment service provider as well as expectations. The nature of this business is ever-changing and will continue to evolve over time. One with a high-tech operating warehouse system will be able adapt and to fulfill these needs accordingly without inaccuracy. Other than meeting specific requirements, high-tech warehouse centers by a fulfillment service provider should also ensure 24-hour security, fully equipped with CCTV, alarm system, security canines and personnel.

3. Wide Product Range

Choosing a fulfillment service provider that is familiar with various types of goods is another important element to consider. This will determine their capabilities to handle a merchant’s goods whether it is garments, ambient or non-ambient, electronic equipment and more.

The fulfilment center should also provide flexible service options that fit your brand strategy. For example, you may choose from multiple service levels depending on cost consideration, or low cost returns management for greater customer experience.

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4. Expertise and Track Record

Accuracy of product orders, status, and also tracking are critical to good inventory management, this shows the importance of the fulfillment center having a track record. An effective fulfillment partner will have real-time software and systems in place to make sure that there is no product is left untracked throughout the fulfillment process.

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