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One of the most crucial parts in eCommerce fulfillment and cross-border logistics is the pick and pack services apart from the last mile delivery. It is the busiest operation in Malaysia when it comes to the shipping and logistics industry. Due to this fact, there has since been a number of companies in Malaysia that provide pick and pack fulfillment services for cross-border businesses and eCommerce sellers alike.

Picking and packing are an essential aspect in warehousing and fulfillment services. It determines whether businesses are able to fulfill the large number of orders that they’re receiving. Standard marketplace SLAs for order fulfillment by Shopee and Lazada are usually to be packed and shipped by 48 hours so that’s where SnT comes in to ensure that there won’t be a breach of marketplace SLAs and our clients can focus more on growing their businesses.

What are Pick and Pack Services?

It is easy to understand the definitions of the pick and pack services because they do exactly those; pick and pack items. The process of selecting the right quantities of inventory from warehouse storage is called picking. Meanwhile, the process of placing products in the shipping boxes with suitable packaging materials, then labelled, documented is called packing before being shipped out.

A savvy fulfilment provider company will have a warehouse management system that assists in determining the best shipment boxes and the most cost-effective shipping options. Furthermore, the top fulfilment partner will have experienced and committed staff who are actively working to lower client expenses.

pick and pack services

Service providers usually charge a pick and pack fee for packaging and shipping inventory after taking from their warehouse using warehouse management systems (WMS). At these pick and pack warehouses, ecommerce or other businesses store their inventory to enable convenient picking and packing as orders are placed (Shipbob, n.d.).

Pick and pack operations are mostly carried out by warehouse operations teams and oftentimes, automated machines or tools (usually for transporting or packaging) are commonly used in order to aid the efficiency of this process. The task of picking the items is made easier as our pickers are equipped with a scanner. After the ordered items are picked and scanned carefully and accordingly by our pickers, they will be sent to the QC (Quality Control) table and we will run a round of QC for the picked items before packing them.

Some major logistics providers especially like SnT Global Logistics, also provide value added services for businesses and e-commerce sellers that use our cross border and/or local logistics service:

  • Package, design, procurement and assembly for products.
  • Act as primary packager and/or co-manufacturer.
  • Services for pre-retail and point-of sale display products.
  • Kitting and bundling services.
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We even guarantee that package prerequisites are tended to quickly, adequately and in cost-efficient manner in light of rapid change in the commerce and logistics industry. Depending on particular item requirements, SnT Global Logistics plans and delivers custom packaging options such as:

  • Renting out special needs packaging
  • Banding
  • Displays
  • Responsible management of returnable packaging assets, including cleaning and refurbishment
  • Applying stickers
  • Nature friendly packaging
  • Optimized and sustainable packaging
  • Re-work of packaging

What are the Benefits of Pick and Pack Services?

benefits of pick and pack

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a) Able to increase Customers’ Level of Satisfaction

Items that are picked and packed well without errors in the filled orders will bring satisfaction to the receiving customers. It is a fact that client’s customers will appreciate receiving an intact packaging of their ordered items.

b) The Efficiency

Order fulfilment is streamlined with a proper pick and pack distribution process, for it removes the need to use a middleman like when the goods are being sent somewhere to get packed and labeled after being collected from different storage facilities.

c) Better Cost-effectiveness

The procedures of picking and packing in order fulfillment are optimized to handle orders of any size which results in no minimum order charges. Moreover, as the aforementioned efficiency of not having to use a middleman, it would mean that the human labor and time taken are reduced and these lead to a minimal waste and a simplified process.

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