Are you a new online entrepreneur who is curious about how fulfillment by Shopee might help you with your online business? There are numerous excellent ecommerce fulfilment services available, one of which is the fulfillment by Shopee, otherwise known as Fulfilled by Shopee (FBS) You may have heard of FBS, a supply chain management solution offered by Shopee to online businesses. It basically implies surrendering your e-commerce to Shopee. As a result, you will be able to devote more time to marketing and sales. Because of the business expansion of online businesses, it is customary for marketplaces to provide fulfillment services to assist sellers’ demands. Below is the overview of what is fulfillment by Shopee or better known as Fulfilled By Shopee.

Steps taken to begin operating your shop through Fulfilled By Shopee:

  1. In the Seller Centre, nominate the products that you want to be part of Shopee’s FBS service.
  2. Set up a delivery date to the Shopee warehouse using a new inbound request.
  3. Through the seller centre system, you may view your stock information and product storage location.
  4. After the buyer has made the purchase for your products, Shopee will begin the fulfillment process. (Fulfilled by Shopee (FBS), 2021)

Pros and Cons of Fulfilled By Shopee

When you choose to use FBS, you must register to Service By Shopee (SBS) first.

What is SBS?

SBS is an abbreviation for Service by Shopee. It’s a service that allows retailers to delegate the processing and sale of their products to Shopee. SBS applies to products owned by the seller as well as those in Shopee’s control. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using SBS.


  • It saves you time.
  • You will be able to sell your stocks to Shopee.
  • Increased exposure as a result of Shopee24 advertisements.
  • The price covers both operating and fulfilment costs.


  • To qualify for SBS, certain seller conditions must be met. 
  • Products must meet certain criteria in order to be sent for SBS.
  • There is no monitoring in real time.

As pointed out in the cons of using FBS, you may find yourself searching for the better suited option to outsource your efulfillment. In this rising and fast-paced sector, efulfillment providers must tailor their services in order to deliver the best and most accurate type of efulfillment services to customers and good news for you, SnT Global Logistics is the perfect choice for this! 

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SnT Global Logistics: The Better Alternative

SNT Global Logistics is a world-class Omnichannel Fulfillment Service Provider in Southeast Asia, offering Order Fulfillment to both online and offline businesses. To meet the ever-changing demands of the New Retail Revolution, our fulfilment services are powered by cutting-edge technology. We offer end-to-end logistics services to our clients, including warehousingorder fulfillmentcross-border managementmulti-channel integration, and customer service.

What makes SnT the better choice for your online business?

better choice fulfillment by snt

When you’re seeking to outsource your online store fulfillment, the eCommerce logistics supplier you would choose should be knowledgeable about how to handle products and store your products with appropriate equipment within their facility. SnT will be able to provide the best service as they have a strong system and processes in place to track the product, where it is stored, when it will be dispatched, whether it will be transported, and so on. In other words, we are the professionals you will want to engage with when it comes to addressing your eCommerce demands.

SnT Global Logistics offers you complete efulfillment services from the moment your customers place orders until the delivery to your customers doors. 

Having partnered with some of the best courier services in Malaysia like J&T Express, Pos Laju, Ninja Van, and more, coupled with cutting-edge technology in our fulfillment center, SnT Global Logistics will give you the best and hassle-free experience for your online business to grow and scale.

snt fulfillment process

In terms of experience, we are one of the first Malaysian logistics companies to provide eCommerce services. Our clientele includes renowned brands in Apparel and Fashion, FMCG, Home and Living, Audio equipment, and many other areas. Our contribution to the field can be shown in our recent government funding award from MIDA in 2017 to support eCommerce development in Malaysia. Furthermore, SnT was the first recipient of a Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) e-fulfillment grant. See all of our honours and recognitions here. On the other hand, the technologies that support our warehouse and logistical operations are incredibly advanced in terms of technology.

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Our proprietary technology, “SnT eFulfillment Platform” (eFP), is statistically and performance proven, with a spectacular track record. SnTeFP comprises a variety of systems that are heavily relied on in daily operations, such as:

  • Electronic Warehouse Management System (eHUB)
  • Supply Chain Visibility System (eTrax)
  • Analytics – Dashboard Display (eDash)
  • Trade Compliance & Custom Documentation System (eTC)
  • Customer Relationship and Service System (eCare)
  • eCommerce Multi-channel Integration (Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and many more shopping carts)

What makes SnT Global Logistics the most competent eFulfillment service provider?

  • Multiple warehouse locations.
  • Proprietary warehouse management system.
  • Strict compliance to service level and KPIs.
  • Flexibility of service options and service level for the best customer experience.
  • Accuracy of product pick and low error rate.
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SnT Global Logistics also offers the following value-added pick and pack services to businesses and e-commerce sellers who use our cross-border and /or local logistics services:

  1. Product packaging, design consultation, procurement, and assembly.
  2. Assume the role of primary packager and/or co-manufacturer.
  3. Services for kitting and bundling. (splitdragon, 2021)

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